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Meet Dr. Michelle


Dr. Michelle is a licensed veterinarian, certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA, Chi University), certified in Veterinary Natural Nutrition (CVNN, College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies), and Fear Free® certified professional (FFCP).

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Dr. Michelle will work with you and your pet's veterinarian

to create a lifestyle and treatment plan specific to your pet's needs

Dr. Michelle's Story

To fill an elective requirement in veterinary school, Dr. Michelle took an introduction to veterinary acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) course. What she thought would be an interesting one-time class turned out to set the foundation for her future in integrative veterinary medicine (which she describes as “utilizing holistic practices complement modern veterinary medicine”). She began studying veterinary acupuncture while she was in veterinary school, even traveling to China to train under some of the world’s most influential and respected veterinary acupuncturists and TCVM theorists. She has used holistic modalities to provide routine preventative care as well as help manage patients with a variety of behavioral and medical conditions. Dr. Michelle has performed acupuncture on many different species of animals - including dogs, cats, small mammals (guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits), reptiles (lizards, tortoises, turtles), birds (chickens, parrots), and even a tiger!

She is member of the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture and World Association of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Michelle has a special interest in geriatric patients, exotic animals, and pain management. She is currently working towards certification in other TCVM modalities and as a Veterinary Pain Practitioner.

Dr. Michelle moved to Whidbey Island in 2022 and partnered with Dr. Stephanie Garlichs, MS, DVM, CCRP,  of Whidbey Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation to provide integrative medicine to patients undergoing rehabilitation and physical therapy. After Dr. Stephanie retired in mid-2022, Island Holistic Pet Care was created so Dr. Michelle could continue to provide integrative medicine to the pets of Whidbey Island. She has partnered with Sarah Wheeler, SAMT, of Love Bug Pet Massage to increase the range of holistic services offered to pets and pet parents.

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Meet Sarah


Sarah is a licensed small animal massage therapist (SAMT) and Fear Free® certified professional (FFCP). She owns and operates Love Bug Pet Massage.

Sarah's Story

Sarah always enjoyed the company of animals and learning about them. She understood there is something especially meaningful that passes between humans and other animals through touch. 


She studied small animal massage beginning in 2016 at the Northwest School of Animal Massage, and continued with another certificate in small animal rehabilitation massage. 


After moving back to Whidbey Island, where her husband grew up, she met and partnered with Dr. Stephanie Garlichs, MS, DVM, CCRP,  of Whidbey Canine Conditioning and Rehabilitation. Sarah was honored to work with Dr. Stephanie until the Dr.'s retirement in mid-2022. Sarah has kept the same location, and shares it with Dr. Michelle Kordupel, DVM, CVA, of Island Holistic Pet Care. Sarah is thrilled to continue sharing her love of animals with the pets of Whidbey Island.

Meet Dr. Walkush


Dr. Walkush is a licensed veterinarian, certified veterinary acupuncturist (CVA, Chi University), certified in veterinary food therpay (CVFT, Chi University), certified in Veterinary Tui-na (CVTP, Chi University), and Fear Free® certified professional (FFCP). She provides care for your pets while Dr. Michelle is away.


Dr. Walkush's Story

Dr. Jamie Walkush is a Wisconsin native and lover of animals of all kinds.  She earned her Doctorate from Ross University on St. Kitts and completed her clinical training at the Royal Vet College in London.  She pursued additional training and clinical experience in emergency medicine,  soft tissue surgery, and general practice  before refining her focus to holistic medicine. 

Jamie provides professional care and is passionate about reducing fear and stress in her patients and healing with whole foods.  She's certified in Food Therapy, Acupuncture, and Tui-Na (an ancient healing method similar to a fusion of massage and chiropractic) through the Chi University and is a Certified Fear Free practitioner.  Dr. Walkush has extensive clinical experience and training in Chinese Herbal medicine as well. 

She holds a special interest in pain management, geriatrics and hospice care.  Jamie aims to reduce pet overpopulation and works to increase  access to care by volunteering with shelters, reservations, and animal rescues in her community and beyond. 
In her free time she enjoys connecting with nature, cooking, travel, and yoga.  She lives with the best dogs in the world and can't wait to share her expertise with you. 

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